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Meet Your Coach

In a world where I could have decided to become anyone or anything I decided to be true to myself and all that I am. Through failed relationships, becoming a teenage mother at the age of 17 years old, later becoming a single mother from an unhealthy relationship, coping with the hurtful lost of my oldest brother who was murdered, surviving a two year infertility battle and multiple miscarriages that resulted in my battle of overcoming anxiety.  This is me, I am your honorable life coach and I welcome you to start your journey of healing and becoming the best version of yourself! As an experienced mental health therapist and life coach helping other's get through their challenges is more than a job, it is my passion. 


My biggest joys in life come from being a wife, mother, public speaker,  my love for interior design and home decor, and being a woman who enjoys all things girly. I have worked with numerous populations such in different areas such as:

*Mental health

* Substance abuse addictions



*Self-esteem building

*Personal Development

*Support group facilitator 

*Trauma related issues

Just to name a few areas. My one-to-one and group coaching sessions will guide you to use strengths you never knew you had to recreate a life that you do not want to escape, and  develop inner peace emotionally and mentally. Enjoy the journey, it's time to do the work!

Ebony A. McNichols, MSW, CAP


Ebony McNichols,MSW, CAP

Mental Health Therapist

Life Coach

Public Speaker

Certified Addiction Professional

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