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"The things we nurture in life, are the things that grow and glow"

-Coach Luxe

       Coach Luxe, MSW, CAP

Life Coach +Mental Health Therapist + Public Speaker

       Certified Addiction Professional & Consultant

 Why choose life coaching? 

As an experienced mental health therapist & life coach I have witnessed numerous individuals recreate themselves and their lives from life coaching. I was inspired to help others become resilient through their challenges, based on my personal challenges that resulted in my resilience. Life coaching focuses on how to navigate through obstacles rather than taking a psychoanalysis approach. Life coaching gives you the opportunity to work on: 

*Developing Self-awareness

*Personal Development

*Identifying emotional challenges

*Developing self-help strategies

*Emotional & Physical Wellness

*Effective Communication

*Goal setting

*Reconnecting with self

*Relationship building 

*Behavioral changes to increase your life's quality

My Qualifications:

Master's Level Therapist

Life Coach

Mental Health Group Facilitator

Corporate Business Consultant

CAP (Certified Addiction Professional) 

Motivational Speaker


What are the benefits to life coaching?

Connect your



Emotional Health

Build An 



Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set boundaries


Require what you need

Set Realistic Goals

Keyboard and Mouse

Your journey towards healing, self discovery, and resilience starts today!

"Working with Ebony really allowed me to work on things that I was carrying from my past that I did not realize was negatively impacting my everyday life. I have become more comfortable with myself, and able to identify and verbalize my emotions. 

-A. Walker

"I truly adore Ebony! The time I spent with her during my life coaching journey helped me to change my my mindset and gave me confidence to work on situations in my life that I was hesitant to work on before working with her. I am more focused in my business, my feelings, and on   my personal development. Ebony was truly a life saver. 

- C. Abbot

"I am so glad I took a chance to work with Ebony. As a man who thought they had it all together. Working with Ebony as a life coach helped me to identify where I was suffering internally and how somethings from my childhood was affecting my relationships and overall behavior. I am a happier person and have left some bad habits in my past because of Ebony. 

- W. Johnson

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The guide you want.
The push you need.

Therapeutic Home 
"Where mental health meets interior deign & home organization"
 The concept of " Therapeutic Home" derives from the understanding that our homes serves as our primary space to heal when faced with mental health challenges. It is the space where we deal with our inner emotions the most, and recreate ourselves. As a mental health therapist and life coach I use interior design, cleaning and home organization motivation to empower my audience to create spaces in their homes that inspire them to become the best version of themselves, even while coping with life's challenges. Be inspired!

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